Using fs module but it isn't installed!

In settings.js, functionGlobalContext I have
fs: require('fs')
and I am able to use it in a function node by:
const fs =;
then use fs.readdir and it works fine. However when I run, from .node-red directory
npm list fs
npm list -g fs
they both come back empty. So I don't understand how it is working.

Maybe because fs is native module/part of node.js and so it isn’t installed like any of the external modules :thinking:

Right - fs is a core module and not managed by npm.

I can locate fs in /proc/sys/fs in Raspbian

Yes, that probably explains it. I see I still have to require it but not install it. Thanks.

That depends, it's not installed by default in all packages. I had to manually install it in a earlier version of Oracle Linux. I think it has been added now in the current version.

OK, so if I were using it in a created node should I put it in the node's package.json?

We are talking about the core fs module that has been a part of node.js since the very beginning.

Ah right, it may be that node.js wasn't installed either, because it wasn't a node-RED instance

This has nothing to do with /proc/sys/fs

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OK, so in a created node I think I don't need to put it in package.json.

No all the core modules dont need to be put in the package json.

Great. Thanks all.