Using Google Directions Node


I'm trying to familiarize with Google Directions Node after installing node-red-node-google and yes I read the information and added
-google API key
-filled origin and destination in lonlat without space
-mode to driving
-input an inject node

I always receive below in my debug panel when I inject. Mmm...may be I have done this in a wrong way :anguished:

5/15/2019, 5:58:56 PMnode: 2be13b4a.310774msg : Object
code: 400
message: "Please supply an destination value"

Since this is my first time of using google APIs and I'm wondering how to get this work. I was trying to find any similar thread/example to have an idea but I could not. Does anybody try to play with this node ?:thinking: Any suggestion or direction please...

Thank you !