Google Geocoding, Direction Examples and Usage of and msg.location.lon

Hi All,
I need to send the latitude and longitude of both Source and Destination,
Then I need the Path in Google Map, How Can I do in Node-Red and Can I Have Google Map in Dashboard.

There is a very nice worldmap node - you should check out the flows site and search for things that might help you. Doesn't use Google Maps though - which have limits unless you are paying a fee.

It is certainly possible to have a google map integration with dashboard but isn't probably that easy to do.

I don't really use Dashboard for anything complex - if you wanted to use VueJS, you could make use of uibuilder - there are multiple examples of VueJS mapping here: Maps - Vue.js Examples.

Thank you for Reply,
If you know can you please suggest me through Examples on Google Direction and Google Geocoding Nodes?
or else
Any alternative way to send the Data(Lattitude and Longitude) to Google Maps to get directions from Source to Destination.

Sorry, I can't do that as I've not done it myself. However, I'm sure there are many Internet posts/tutorials that will guide you.

Can Anyone have any Idea..?

What are trying to achieve? For example, you could easily generate a Google maps link that has start and destination.

However if you want results inside node-red or the dashboard, then you're likely to have to use the the Google API & will likely need a developer API key.

Reference material...
"Get Started | Directions API | Google Developers"

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