Using node-red-contrib-unifi with a UniFi WiFi Network

Thank you very much. Yes the controller setup mirrors your setup.

I suspect its the logon credentials. I am using the same logon as I use on the UniFi web interface. It's a simple user and password i.e. not 2 factor authentiaction. I can't see anywhere on the 7 series interface to make a 'local only' user..... do I need to do that if I am not using 2 factor authentication ?


There are 2 types of logins:

  • Those that can (also) be used at - enabling remote access to your control panel
  • Those that are a local only (no cloud features)
    The Unifi hardware controllers offer the ability to create 'local accounts' only

Go to the users control panel, do you have the ability to create an account with remote features? if so - that isn't an account that will work.

I actually just launched a new controller container (moving stuff) and installed node-red-contrib-unifi in node-red (not sure which node crxporter is using), but that connected instantly when entering credentials.

sorry for being dim but I can't see anywhere to make a 'user"

Image 27-01-2023 at 20.35

I made a new admin without cloud privileges but that didn't work.

Ok - it may seem the Network Application is not well supported.
only @crxporter really has the know how.

@crxporter - anything?

I really appreciate all the help I am being given. Thank you.

I'm here!

Try something for me, even though it may seem silly - try this with the actual network ip of the controller - not localhost or

We will next want to go into the logs to see the error exactly as it's coming from the login error.

@marcus-j-davies can you point us to a good way to watch those logs?

Meanwhile I'm going to check a couple things. I'll be back soon!

I did try that before, but tried again. Some outcome.... "iniitalizing"

Are you on port 8443? I'm about 90% sure that's the correct port. Unless you've changed it on your network app?

Are you in docker anywhere with any special port forward rules?

yes but also trying 443 every change and restarting nodered

Node RED will need to be started with export DEBUG=UniFi & node-red-start

I think :sweat_smile:

sorry to be dim.... where do I enter that ?

We're all dims to some degree :nerd_face:

Stop Node RED
then in terminal : export DEBUG=UniFi & node-red

OK...... using network address i.e. not localhost or 127.0.0..1 ...... (no https://) the connection is made.

endpoint not found erro 404 for /proxy/network/api/s/mysite/stat/health

"Endpoint not found: AxiosError: Request failed with status code 404"


You are connected. I'm looking at that endpoint and I'm wondering if the "mysite" bit is wrong. Give me a second to find another endpoint to check.

'mysite' is a placeholder for the name of my actual site

Ah it's because the network controller doesn't use the /proxy/network bit. Let me find the changes for stand-alone controller... one moment...

I really appreciate the time and trouble you are taking...... thank you very much


Try this one! (with our site name in place of "mysite" or just default if you only have one site)