Using UI-Table handler

Hello :slight_smile:

i run Node-RED version: v3.0.2, Node.js version: v16.16.0.

I would like to have a live table based on incoming mqtt data. For this I use the mqtt in node and function nodes, which format the message as follows:
topic: "clientID"
payload: {"state":"disconnected","uptime":36211.761128,"name":"Testname","clientID":"TestEquipmentID","manufacturer":"TestHersteller","serialnumber":1234567,"id":1337,"supply":12.762,"battery":89,"signal":78,"value":53.53870363948328}
This should be the input for the ui handler and ui table node afterwards.

The messages come in different intervals and sizes. The property should be overwritten if a new message with the same property and value comes. if a property is not renewed, the last entry should remain.

How do i configure my ui handler to put all the data of a client id with the above properties in one line?

I would really appreciate your help

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