Very simple virtual keyboard

I am programming a simple aplication for parking lot, where I need the user to write car plate number. So i was searching for a very simple on-screen keyboard, where will be English Letters, Numbers, maybe space bar and thats all.

I have found this keyboard:

I have only two problems:

  • I Was not able to modify it, so the keyboard will be always visible on page
  • I do not need the keyboard to show the input on its top, I just need it to put the letters where the cursor is

Or maybe do you know some even more simple solution for this?

Thanks for help.

If you can tell the browser (I assume that the screen input device is operating in a Kiosk mode?) that it is a touch screen and can constrain the cursor to the input field, the devices touch screen keyboard should display automatically shouldn't it?

I remember seeing something on MDN for input that lets you give a hint to the browser.

Yes, there are such solutions, but with this type of keyboard i have this problem:

  1. There is possibility to close the keyboard with some X
  2. there is possibility to move the keyboard
  3. there is possibility to switch the keyboard to some another mode, or another type of keyboard.

I want the keyboard to be in Node red, so I can disable all of the functions above... Or maybe if you know some SW, which can make on screen keyboard on Windows and I can set it up, so the points above will be solved...

OK, well I'm not aware of anything but it shouldn't be too hard to work up with a set of buttons in a grid.

A quick search threw up some possibilities though:

CSS Keyboards (

Virtual Keyboard using HTML5 CSS and JS | Codeconvey

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Creating a custom on-screen keyboard is a good approach for your parking lot application. It provides the flexibility to meet your specific needs. You can use HTML and JavaScript to build a simple keyboard and control its visibility and input behavior.

I once upon a time wrote a browser app for a tennis court booking system. The club provided a local terminal (computer screen, mouse and keyboard) to allow players to make a local booking. This was long before we all had smart phones, the good old Nokia and Ericsson days

I used Visual Studio and C++ and I could magically make that app automatically start fullscreen at boot, I took away all possible ways to close, resize and minimize it. It worked rock-solid for several years until it was replaced by a more modern booking system

What I would do even today would be to build a strong gui like that and then have Node-RED as backend. If that is possible today by just using CSS, HTML and Javascript, fine, otherwise I would look into some modern Visual Studio tool just to create the front end.

And, of course, UIBUILDER would be a great tool for helping build a solid, performant custom UI. :grinning:

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Yes of course, that is the modern way you would do it!!

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