Very weird/unexpected signals from flow

This has now happened a couple of times to me and now I am getting confused to what/why this is happening.

I have a bit of flow which daily (at midnight) sends a signal that it is a new day.

That is sent to different parts of the flow to do things daily. But when I get signals at 15:00 I am confused.

This clearly shows the output of the debug node.
I was wondering what it was and when I saw the node, that brought up a whole raft of questions.

First off: What time is on the machine?
(See below)

pi@BedPi:~ $ date
Sat 24 Oct 14:39:16 AEDT 2020
pi@BedPi:~ $ 

Ok, so it is 14:39 local. Not 00:00.

So let's look at the bigger picture of code:
(screen shots - sorry)

So, what would be causing the node to send out signals now?

Ok, I will check it isn't the other inject node set to inject at start up. (First and second pictures)


Ok, for clarity:

I have added a debug node on the inject node I mentioned - see red box.
There is also a delay of 5 hours so really it is done at 05:00 daily.
Not really a big deal. Just that it causes this part of the flow to happen a bit later than midnight.

I'll keep you posted of anything that happens.

It's close to Halloween so you have already some ghosts arrived in the backyard

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But does that work in Oz and not the USA?

They are everywhere

Well, that may explain it. :wink:

Possibly this problem. Caused by node red starting up before the system clock is initialised (possibly due to slow wifi startup or similar). There doesn't seem to be a solution so far.

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Yeah, interesting.

I'll keep looking for what is happening.

If you have an inject node which is set to trigger at a particular time and it triggers at a different time, but recovers if you restart node-red, then it is almost certainly that issue.

I added code in Cron-plus to recognise system time updates & to refresh is scheduled accordingly. So if you want a trigger to reliably happen at 3pm it's quite easy to do that with Cron-plus.

Yes, thanks, but I think there is a bit of confusion here.

I have an inject node that signals midnight (or "new day") for things around the place to be told it is a new day.

A few things use it.

Rather than having everything happen there and then I added a delay for this part only so it didn't happen together with all the other stuff that happens at the start of a new day.

5 hours is maybe a bit excessive, but as it isn't a time critical thing, it isn't too much of a worry.

Yes, that node would be nice but in an attempt to keep things simple that's how it is.

I thought you were saying that the inject node is triggering at the wrong time. If not then it isn't that, so what is triggering at the wrong time. Remember, once again, we don't need to know all the details of your flow. Instrument it with debug nodes and find which bit isn't working, then ask about that. Look at your original post, that is vastly more information than should be necessary to ask whatever the question is.

AN inject node is triggered at the wrong time.

Which one: who knows.

There are two suspect inject nodes that could cause it in that part of the flow.
The one that is really used is on another page and so I can't press it and see what is happening on that page.

One I used for testing and the actual one which is triggered at midnight.
Also though not "the end of the world" using/pressing it would inject a false "new day" signal to a lot of stuff on the machine. So I added the one on the same flow.

Since then I have added a debug on its output to determine if it is that one of the real (main) one that is miss triggering.

Yes, I agree it is a lot more than is really needed.

I included all the other stuff as that is the environment in which it is living.

That day/time I think I got 2 miss triggers. So I got curious.

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