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hi, i am trying to use "4-rocker" node from node-red-contrib-enocean, is it posiible to view source code from nodes, if yess, how to?


If you go to flow library for node-red-contrib-enocean there you will find a link to the nodes github page. There you will find all the source code if the project is open source.

thanks lot,

i tried to find inside github page this nodes.....could not find.

where is for example to find this "actor node"

sorry, i am absolute beginner, try now to teach in some enocen eqipment but does not no for example during teach in there is no response at actuator nodes i try to find out now why so....


In that github repo that @E1cid shared, you can find here the actor node (js and html) files. Is that what you are looking for?

thanks :+1:

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