Visual Obfuscation

Hi There,

Just a little to the left of left-field is this obfuscation node.

What it does is create an obfuscated version of the current flow. Everything should continue to work, just the flow is harder to understand.

Short demo:


The usefulness is perhaps questionable but if we can textual obfuscate our code, why not also visually?

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You have way too much time on your hands :smiley:

but if we can textual obfuscate our code

It's a visual data processing platform - unless you install this node of course, then it's clearly not! and its purpose is obsolete

if it's a subconscious thought about hackers gaining access, they are not interested in finding out whats happening in your flows.

They will just import, deploy and move on

But I get it - it's fun - I'm no stranger to fiddling with possibilities

It's also about how to sell a flow without someone taking the code and doing their own thing with it...

But indeed I do have time to create this stuff because others have time to use NR for things other than data processing :wink:

You'd be surprised what people use NR for and no it's not cat memes!

Well, I absolutely wouldn't be surprised at that. The most active Yammer communities in the NHS are the cats and dogs ones!

:face_vomiting: - we dropped that like it was hot!

Do I recall correctly that in the recent hacks people have reported that the flow had dodgy flow inserted well down the page and stacked as above in order to hide itself a bit ?

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Learnt something new: yammer being MS corporate social media platform - I did not know!

And I thought it was Jammer... Since there's a german word jammen which means to complain. Perhaps MS meant to aim yammer at the german market. Would fit very well.

Anyway gone off topic again.... :wink:

I realised that putting all nodes on top each other isn't a problem since there's an auto layout node... But hey, it's the thought that counts - as the germans say.

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Well certainly no worse than "Facebook Workplace"!! :frowning:

Well, you learned just in time because, in true Microsoft fashion, they are in the process of renaming it to "Viva Engage".