Visualize 3D orientation?

If I have sensor data coming from an accelerometer (XYZ data showing direction of gravity), is there any way to visualize orientation in a dashboard component in node-red? I can show the magnitude of the 3 axises individually (as three bar or gauges for example), but something more visual like an arrow in a 3-axis space would be cool.

Is there some way to integrate javascript "stuff" others have published? I'm not that familiar with ways to add visualizations to Node-Red.

Nothing "native" that I know of. But not too difficult to do probably using Dashboard's Template node for custom code.

Are you any good with SVG? Or you could probably cobble something together using existing arrow SVG images (do a Google search for some) wrapped in a div tag that you apply CSS rotation to. Probably wouldn't work in older browsers but should work in anything from the last few years.

Or some clever CSS -