Voice to nodered via iphone

MY project is to be able to speak to my phone and that what I say arrives as a text in node-red
I have seen many topics on the web explaining how to use IFTTT, MQTT, Google home, google now, Google assistant, Home for IOS, etc... must most of times it is very complicated and many apps are necessary.
I need to know if there isn’t a really simple Way to send a recognised voice message as a text to nodered
No matter if it is necessary to use MQTT (sure, this would be very simple), or any HTML frame to send to the port 1880, but it would be really nice if someone could help me to find a really simple solution
In addition, I also would like that nodered is able to send a text message as an answer to the voice emitter, and that this message is read on my phone by the voice of SIRI or Google.
I hope my request is clear, and I hope I will get a nice answer soon
Thanks for your help

There really is no simple way I'm afraid. Converting sound to text is complex and very hard to do right which is why only the largest organisations tend to have realistic solutions - Google Assistant/Home, Alexa, Siri and so on. There are one or two open source solutions but they tend to be even more complex.

Once you have text, the rest is pretty simple - it is the first part that is complex.

The easiest method is likely to be to use an app that will interact via SIRI to do the voice part inserting text into the app. The Telegram app for example. The app then interfaces with Node-RED.