Google Assistant Voice Commands + NodeRed

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Since IFTTT made it's service as subscription-based, I'm looking to find something to be able to simply trigger flows in Noder-Red through Voice Assistant.

Basically all I want, is whenever I say a specific phrase, a nodered node would just pick up on it (somewhat similar as to how Joao's Join-nodes work), and execute the flow.

Also, it would be nice if the assistant would be able to say back a specific phrase also.

Is it possible, and if it is, how should I go about it?

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Although there are some restrictions node-red-contrib-googlehome (node) - Node-RED seems to work pretty well, and the developer @hardillb is likely to be adding a 'sensor' category to the node sometime soon.
That will enable us to ask the assistant about any sensors we are monitoring in node-RED.

There are other nodes that also could be used, although some are very difficult to setup.

Use google home routines to setup your phrase.

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