Google home, start a flow using vocal commands


Is there any way to convert a flow of nodes into an entity, so it could be used later to be integrated into google home integration that will permit me to use vocal commands to execute the created flow/entity?

You've really asked several different questions there.

Yes. You can convert a subflow into a custom node.

Certainly there are nodes for integration into Google Home.

Could you let me know more? Possibly with an example?
I have created a simple flow with two nodes : an inject node and a call service node. The call service node runs an adb command to a specific app called tivimate on a nvidia shield. It starts the app and set it to a specific tv chanel. It works.
The idea now is to use voice commands from a google device to start this flow.The next step, if it works.. to create more flows, one for every viewed channels, so they can be changed using the voice.
How can I achieve that?

I don't use it so don't have an example myself. But the flows site has the nodes. Library - Node-RED (

The docs tell you how to package a subflow. Packaging a Subflow as a module : Node-RED (

I don't know whether this will help you since I don't use Google Home, but Alexa for voice commands to control Node Red flows. I use node-red-contrib-wemo-emulator which simulates a wifi device in the flow which can be recognized by Alexa to which on/off voice commands can be given.

yes, I found too a couple of node red flows which integrates Alexa, but they are working only for Alexa unfortunatelly.

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