WallPanel TTS issue

Hi! Is anybody there using WallPanel app to display NodeRed dashboard? I have used it for a while but now I wanted to use TTS (Text to speech) features. I can get TTS sound in computer and in tablet too if I use google chrome for my dashboard. However WallPanel kiosk instead of sound popping up "Computer Says ..." my text and no TTS. Since TTS run at the same tablet on Chrome then I assume that this is WallPanel issue. Maybe somebody has workaround for the WallPanel TTS?

With wall panel you can send speech via MQTT to have it spoken in wallpanel.

msg.payload {"speak": "what you want to say"}
msg.topic wallpanel/*topic of device*/command

Thanks! I am trying to send mqqt command but so far no results and I am not sure whether problem is sound or mqtt connectivity.
My WP runs on tablets with Lineage OS. Mqtt settings seems to be correct, i.e. MQQT 3.1.1 and port 1883. No warnings in this mqqt setup. I sent speak, wake and brightness commands but none of them made effect on tablet. I also enabled mqqt discovery in WP and ticked to send sensor data over mqtt. Put mqqt in node in NR but did not received message.
So it seems like mqqt connectivity problem for WP/tablet. So far no idea how could I verify and solve the problem.

Finally solved the problem. That was mqqt issue and the reason for that absence of credentials. My mqqt do not have password. Despite WP states that it is optional obviously it is not. I put double quotation marks in user name an password and it worked out for me. So thanks again!

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