Weather APIs - what's the best one (2022)?

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  • Darksky Weather API will close end of March 2023 :frowning:
  • Apple announced their own new WeatherKit API on 7th June 2022
  • This thread on NodeRED forum is interesting although no silver bullet answer: Sustainable Weather API - the posts are quite old now and I notice that at least one of the services mentioned (Climacel) was since bought out

Has anyone used WeatherKit yet? You need to be a member of Apple Developer Programme costing 99 USD annually, which gives you 500,000 calls/month for WeatherKit. That's over 11 calls per hour.

Assuming I don't want to join the developer programme, what is the best weather API to use, ideally achieving the below:

  • free, providing at least 1 call per minute
  • accurate location info for UK addresses
  • 10 day forecast
  • hourly rain probability (perhaps limited to 0-3 days)
  • current weather



If you can compromise on the 10 days forcast, have a look at on the free tier, as discussed in this topic - WeatherAPI com weather service

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Be good if someone updated my table:

Of course, the "best" one is the one that gives you consistent results for wherever you want the forecast for. For areas like mine that are subject to very variable micro-conditions, that is challenging.

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