Weather Display and Apocalypse Meter

I made a weather display with an LED strip and an ESP32 that runs from MQTT messages sent from Node Red. It shows (from top to bottom):

Alerts (system alerts, unused as of yet)
Wind speed (Off-->Green-->Yellow--Red)
Lightning (unused, need to wire up the lightning sensor)
Rain Rate (Off-->Green-->Yellow--Red)
Outside temperature (White-->Blue-->Green-->Yellow-->Red)
Outdoor air quality (Green-->Yellow-->Orange-->Red-->Purple-->Maroon)

So far I'm happy with it. Now I'm thinking of doing an Apocalypse meter that scours the web (maybe particular news sites?) for certain keywords and calculates the "probability" of certain types of disasters:


I don't imagine that the Diplodocus on the rampage one will get lit very often.

Don't be so sure Colin, I have seen Jurassic Park! it's crazy what they can do!

That's one of the issues I'm having. I love the idea, but in reality nothing will ever light up (hopefully, right?).

#4 is actually a tsunami, but I like your idea of a rampaging dinosaur. May need to add that.

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Don't forget about #1 - the possibility of a giant hand surfacing from the oceans depths!

I feel that Dr Merryweather's Tempest Prognosticator (shown here in Whitby Museum) is a good accompaniment for your Apocalymeter.

And don't forget Joseph Swan's prophetic Incandescent Power Cut Indicator!


Earthquakes and nearby lightning storms along with nearby traffic and/or public transport incidents would all be things that might be useful. Floods as well of course.

Very cool -- so what are those tiles made of? And how did you print (?) them