'Web of Things' support for node-red-nodegen


Web of Things (WoT)’ is a W3C standard under development, to integrate across IoT protocols/platforms. One of central building blocks of WoT is a ’Thing Description’, which describes the metadata and interface of IoT devices.

Currently, node-red-nodegen supports swagger as an interface definition language(IDL) for generate nodes. I think it is useful to support WoT Thing Description as an IDL in node-red-nodegen to easily integrate IoT devices to Node-RED. And @kazuhitoyokoi also mentioned about this on the Wiki page of node-red-nodegen.

Although WoT Thing Description is not yet published as W3C Recommendation, it is almost stable and I’ve already started to add Thing Description support for node-red-nodegen on my forked nodegen repository.

I’d like to incorporate this feature to node-red-nodegen, and to spread the tool to WoT developers. Are there any suggestions/comments for this idea?



WoT node template in node-red-nodegen will be useful for edge use cases of Node-RED. I think that it will also contribute to expanding the Node-RED community because a lot of companies are using Node-RED when they try WoT. I also agree with adding it into node-red-nodegen as the third node template. :+1:



"The third" surely is the Subflow template as mentioned in the wiki ?:slight_smile: I'm really looking forward to that. What's the status of that part of the nodegen project ? Is there a branch to test it on ?



@bohtho Thank you for your comment. I think that the third will be Web of Things template because there is implementation on the forked project. The fourth will be Subflow template. Currently, it is under the ideation phase.

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That is reasonable and a very interesting template in its own right. I was half joking as I understand the complexity of a subflow template, but it would be very exciting as a visual way to “code” and share work. I expect the node world would blossom in creative ways, and not necessarily in lower quality nodes.

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