Webserver on port 80 using alternate installer

I needed to run a web-server to listen out to HTTP requests from an ESP32 running microblocks (a Scratch type programming environment for microcontrollers) and I found that the microblocks HTTP request couldn't cope with the standard Node-RED 1880 port number.

Looked into a few other solutions including running a Python web-server from an exec node and then tried using @TotallyInformation alternate installer and created a running instance listening on port 80 and voila :slight_smile:


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Hi Simon, did you try encoding the port number in the URL


:slight_smile: yes :slight_smile:
It is alpha software and hasn't yet got the facility to use non-standard ports

No bother - thought I'd ask the obvious question after seeing this i thought it might be possible.

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mm-I might try that Mozella Web things server idea with a microbit - I'm currently using serial to interface mine to NR but its a bit of a faff turning it off and on as serial is needed for the IDE so it might be a much better way :slight_smile:

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