Website format strangeness

Trivial, except to those of us with OCD. Viewing in a narrow window such as on my iPad, the menu bar layout on the "flows" page wraps before it does on the other pages.

Probably not worth the bother to fix, but I enjoy making a fuss.

Any change you figured out how to do multinode (but not ALL ) select on an iPad?
I am talking about flow design in node-red, not the nod-red home page....
There’s a select tool, but can figure if it’s iOS and how to use it, always selects ALL nodes on tab

Hi @zootallure

Your question has nothing to do with this topic... in future please start a new topic rather than post on random old topics.

I'm not sure the touch menu supports selecting multiple nodes... it isn't a feature with looked at in a very long time so something may have stopped working properly.

Apologies Nick, i only noticed it was an old comment about the page after initial response. decided to edit anyway, as i’ve been searching for hours around the webs to get this working and decided to try and poke some ipad users directly on several media.

thanks for the answer anyway!

it’s not just nodered, most dev related work seems a bit of a pain on ipad pro.