Nodered 1.1.1 scrolling on iPad

Since version 1.1 when I open Nodered on my iPad Pro, I'm not able to scroll down/up anymore via touch screen in my flows. (with mouse attached to iPad I can scroll)

Anybody elese experiencing this ?
I've tried 2 iPads and both Safari & Chrome, both same issue

Hi @bdormael - yes this has been reported on the forum and an issue has been raised -

As it stands, I don't have any access to an iOS device in order to debug this - it really needs someone with an iPad to help debug.

Nick I have deployed the webinspector, the touchevent is hitting preventDefault()

Line 12896 ends up here:

@bakman2 just discovered I can use the Simulator app to remotely debug without a real device and have managed to recreate.


Now fixed in the 1.1.2 release - 🎉 Node-RED 1.1.2 released


Hey @knolleary,
Don't want to go off-topic, but which app can you advice? I need to test some SVG-node stuff...

If you have a Mac with XCode installed, then you'll find you have an app called Simulator installed... just run it. You get a simulated iPhone on your screen. Open up the browser and navigate to the IP address of your Mac, port 1880, and you're away.

Once its running, fire up Safari on the Mac and you should find you have a Simulator option in the Develop menu - that opens a WebInspector console for the Simulator. (NB: I had to start Safari after starting the Simulator to get it to show up).

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