Websocket ETIMEOUT errors

I am hoping someone can assist me in resolving the following connect errors being thrown in the Node-Red console.

Dec 15:34:19 - [warn] [deconz-server:zigbee-temp-sensor] WebSocket error: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
2 Dec 15:34:19 - [warn] [deconz-server:zigbee-dimmable-light] WebSocket error: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
2 Dec 15:36:42 - [warn] [deconz-server:zigbee-temp-sensor] WebSocket error: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.

I don't know about the zigbee nodes, but since no-one else has commented the error indicates that the nodes are attempting to make a websocket connection to that ip address via https and is unable to connect. Is that ip address the node-red machine or another machine, and is this something you have configured in that node? I guess it might be the address you have configured for the deconz server, but don't know the details of this so it is just guesswork.

Hi Colin,
Thank you very much for taking the time to comment.
I am not sure about the ip address. I need to investigate this more. But your comments will help me get started. Once I look into this further I will let you know what I have found.
Again, thanks for your assistance!

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