Websocket.org is down

Websocket tutorials (incl. those for Node-RED [1]) often used "wss://echo.websocket.org" as an endpoint in order to demonstrate a simple client-server connection.

However, websocket.org has been shut down in 2021 [2]. As noted in that blog post, websocket tutorials should therefore be updated, e.g. by using "wss://echo.websocket.events" as their new endpoint.

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Those tutorials are not hosted by Node-RED, the are hosted by Sense Tecnic

About Sense Tecnic: Sense Tecnic Systems Inc have been building IoT applications and services since 2010. We provide these lectures, and FRED, cloud hosted Node-RED as a service to the community. We also offer a commercial version to our customers, as well as professional services. Learn more.

You sould try to contact them to update their tutorial (note: that tutorial is over three years old)

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