Websocket Out node shows connected even when endpoint is gone/disabled


I have two NR instance running in docker on port 9883 and port 9884.

On the first one (9883) I add a Websocket out node, to connect to the other instance, as below:

On the second (9884) I add a Websocket in node, as below:


Whatever I do to the Websocket in node, such as:

  • Disable the node
  • Delete the node

The Websocket Out still shows as connected. In fact, no error or anything is thrown in debug or even the status node. This is a big problem, because I cannot detect Websocket issues!

The only time I can get the Websocket out node to show disconnected is if I actually take down the NR instance it's connected to!

I just also noticed that if I change the Websocket In path, so that the Websocket out is pointing to a WS path that no longer exists, it correctly shows disconnected?!

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