Websocket problem in Node-red using groov EPIC

We would like to use web socket to transfer data between one cloud server (A) and groov EPIC (EPIC).

For example, A would like to send a message to EPIC which its ip is “192.1680.100” by using web socket.
On A side,

  1. Using “web socket OUT node” to connect with EPIC
  2. Choosing “Connect to” and Input “wss://” which the path is “/ws/example”

On EPIC side,

  1. Using “web socket IN node” to listen A
  2. Choosing “Listen” and Input “/ws/example”

However, it showed “disconnted” when we tested.

I have checked the firewall setting of EPIC and port 80 & 443 have already been opened at the very beginning.
By using “wss://”, I always received error messages like "An error occurred while sending: Error: WebSocket is not open: readyState 3 (CLOSED)" and “ws:undefined : Error: not opened", even I have insert the cert from EPIC.

What can I do to make it work? T^T

Thank you for help :>

  1. Test web socket connection to and from same flow to test node-red.(Node-red flow is Both the producer and subscriber)
  2. If that works verify IP can connect. Is node-red reachable via internet ip?

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