What are the differences between the output of exec-queue node and exec-node

Basically, I'm trying to get the ffmpeg image to work with exec-queue instead of exec. With the exec node, it works perfect, as the output is a Buffer that I can connect to a Base64 node to show in UIBuilder.

When I try to do the same exact thing with the Exec Queue node, it doesn't work, as the output is not the same as the exec node. I receive a String of weird characters, despite me running the same exact command with a bash $file command. Does anyone know the difference as to how they output, and how I can fix it to output the correct data to connect to a Base64?

My command line is :

ffmpeg -y -i rtmp://IPADRESS/live/stream1 -vframes 1 -f image2pipe -vcodec png -

node-red-contrib-exec-queue (assuming that is what you are talking about) is not maintained by the node red team, probably you would have to ask the author about it. You could do that by submitting an issue on the node's github page

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