What is the correct solution to show image files


Im trying to show a file:// but can't get it to work.
If I add this link to my browser app, I see an image

But if using this flow I can't get the image to show. (My docker folder is added to a SMB with username and password)

But if I then changes it to use a http from then net, it works

How can I show the file:// or show the file from my SMB share?
Say if you need some info :slight_smile:

If you have a mount point in your docker, then try using a normal file path (drop the file://)

Also, as a basic test, you could use an intect -> file in node -> debug node, to verify the file can be accessed.

Hi @Steve-Mcl
I do have a mount point in my Node-Red docker to my FriGate docker, and I get the image name, but no visual image is showed..

Did you set the file node to return a buffer?

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Hi @Steve-Mcl
Thx. yes now I have added the "Single buffer object".

Will this mean that I in a "telegram" sender node can add the path to a function like:

var payload = { 
    chatId: xxxxxxxxx,
    type: "photo",
    content: "/frigate/foran-1620191711.030997-b2cpcd.jpg" };
return {payload};

Yes it will.

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