Where is local file path

Hi folks,
New to node-red but rely likes it. I'v been struggling with following and cant find any answer on Mr google.I have downloaded the ftp Node node-red-contrib-ftp and trying to use that for my project. So to the question, if you do a get file from ftp and just type a filename in Local Filename where do that get saved on a node-red running in docker? Same with the node Watch file..what is default path in node-red?
Thx for any help

In either case it is /usr/src/node-red inside the container.

Thx. But I dont have a node-red folder in the path /usr/src
Any other path?

You said you were using:

If you say only that, I have to assume you are using node-red image. The working directory on this image is /usr/src/node-red.

If you were using another image, then I have no idea.

Another possibility is that you are not checking the path inside the container, but on the Docker host.

If that is the case, you'd better invest some time to learn how Docker works (especially Docker volumes).

in docker it will be in /data - ie. in the container or if it was mapped. You cannot access the local filesystem from your computer from docker.

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