What is the most correct way of linking old nodes to work with Dashboard 2

So lets take a sample of a person who's great in linking lines etc. (I consider quite my self quite good on it :grin:) but is unable yet to write any new code / widget/ nodes to Dashboard2 .
I have a a ui-scheduler build for D1 and loved moving majority of my items into D2 but this I have not been able. So what I did is the keeping this "widget" still in D1 and I just called it via iFRAME function. Is this the way or any smarter way to do it (for us simple folks)

Now in D2 via iFrame, works but....

Thank you

Hi @Soiski - because D2.0 is completely Vue-based, and D1.0 is Angular-based, they're not front-end compatible, so there would need to be a new, D2.0-friendly ui-scheduler built.

If you are the author of ui-scheduler, or fancy the challenge anyway, and want to get it ported over, then we do have a Contribution Guide for third-party widgets here which points to an example third party widget repo.

We also have:

Hi Joe, unfortunately not the author. Just enjoying other genius peoples hard work :star_struck:

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