What node could this error be coming from?

I am working on my sprinkler flows and after a deploy I get these error messages in my debug tab:

unknown push type: sms_changed content: {"type":"sms_changed","source_device_iden":"ujEvlJN1IWWsjAiVsKnSTs","notifications":[{"thread_id":"25","title":"262966","body":"Arriving Today: Your Amazon package with .... More info at https://a.co/d/eoatcSg","timestamp":1591124519}]}

unknown push type: sms_changed content: {"type":"sms_changed","source_device_iden":"ujEvlJN1IWWsjAiVsKnSTs","notifications":[]}

I have searched every flow and looked for a highlighted node as I mouse over the error message, but nothing. What node could possibly be generating this message?

Have you upgraded some custom node perhaps? I've ran across similar issues when a new version of a node is not backwards compatible. This can cause a situation where your flows.json file has an old configuration that is not anymore editable from the Node-RED editor.

Or if not, have you installed some new node recently that could cause this without any instance?

Found it. I had an old pushbullet node in an unrelated flow.
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Been there @SteveMann
Don't worry, you aren't the only one to do that.

But look, you found it, didn’t you?

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