When the connection status variable of node S7 is false, I want to send the values to 0 of all the variables that it has configured

Hello everybody!
I am needing that when the connection state of the S7 node is offline (attachment 1) I want to send the values to -1 to some specific variables that I have created inside the node.
This is because we need to log and visualize when the problem occurs in the PLC.
I don't know how to call the variable that identifies the state of the S7 node.

Thank you very much!

Shortcut: node-red-contrib-s7

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-30 124957

Have you tried using a status node set to monitor the s7 node, this should give some output that may help you, if the s7 node is compliant with the status node. Or possibly a catch node may work.

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