Where to create feature requests for flow library?

I would like to request a feature to be added to the flow library web site, but am not sure where to do so. Adding it to the "Core Development" category doesn't seem quite right?

In any event, the feature I would like to request is that when the flow library displays a node's README.md that it render the same markdown enhancements as GitHub, e.g. MathJAX, Mermaid etc. As things stand now, sharing the same README.md between GitHub and the flow library means either leaving out critical design documentation or living with the crufty looking text (and no diagrams or math) in the flow library.

(For extra credit, it would be great to add that stuff to the rendering of the descriptive text in a node's ".html" file in the editor, as well... :smile: )

While what you ask would indeed be nice, I'd like to say that my approach is to keep the README fairly tight and basic since you get similar problems with the npmjs.org site as well.

Personally, I create a docs folder and use Docsify and then set that folder to be the documentation website for the repo. Docisfy has plenty of extensions for all of the things you mention and more.

Where warranted, I've also added a web endpoint within the Node-RED editor that also displays the same Docsify'd pages so that the documentation is available offline as well. I put a link in the help panel as well as in the Editor panel for the node. Check out uibuilder for a complete example.

I think that basic markdown may have been added to the help panel a while back but adding in all of the other libraries would possibly add bloat?

We do try, but as GitHub don't publish any code for how they parse and render the markdown with all their particular add-ons, it is not a free task to keep in sync. We have to reverse engineer their behaviour, try to find an appropriate library for the given behaviour, incorporate in the flow library and so on.

We welcome contributions from anyone the in the community to help with this.

And I realise now that you were asking about the whole of the flow library, not just the nodes part. Makes sense.

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