Whistle Pet Tracker Token-based API

I have a Whistle Pet Tracker and the web service API is quite simple. I have recreated the service in Perl from Python to figure it out. But, I'd like to make it a node since I'm moving all of my home network to node-red. The service is an authentication -> token (cache) -> request process. Where do I even start?

Perl Package: GitHub - mrdvt92/perl-WebService-Whistle-Pet-Tracker-API: Perl interface to the Whistle Pet Tracker Web Service
Python Package: GitHub - RobertD502/whistleaio: Asynchronous Python library for Whistle's API

This is what I did in node-red and it works but the credentials are stored in the code base.


  1. Check the Node-RED library, if someone else has already created a node that fits your demands.
  2. This documentation shows you how to create a node.
  3. Nodes are able to safely manage credentials

Have fun!


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