Widget created with template does not position correctly in the global layout

Dear all,

I created my own dashboard widget using template. I use the layout editor (very useful to build my UI ) to add my own widget with other buttons, gauges and so on... When I'm not using my widget , everything is working fine ( I put everything in fixed size ). When I add my own widget, between the layout editor and the real rendering, it's not aligned, it seems that my own widget is rendering at the end of the dashboard.

I'm looking for some clues to correct my widget because I'm certainly doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance

I found the error i made , in the API addWidget() I was not sending the attribute order .

done = ui.addWidget({
node: node,
order: config.order,
width: config.width,
height: config.height,
format: html,
templateScope: "local",
group: config.group,
emitOnlyNewValues: false,
forwardInputMessages: false,
storeFrontEndInputAsState: false,

Ah - yes - that must be present as a placeholder for the widget to use. I have added a check in the latest dashboard code that should now flag a warning in the console.log if any widget node is missing that property.