"Wire format is invalid: Error: illegal buffer"

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to decode/deserialize a Kafka message using kafka consumer. The serialization process at the producer side is functioning well but while trying to decode the message, i am getting "Wire format is invalid: Error: illegal buffer" error.

I could not see many options in kafka consumer to change further options. I have used the same .proto files at producer and consumer nodes. My .proto file looks like below:

syntax = "proto3";

package jspb.test;

option java_package = "com.google.apps.jspb.proto";
option java_multiple_files = true;

// legacy data, must be nested

message data {
required string company = 1;
required string street = 2;
required string country = 3;
required string state = 4;
required string companyType = 5;

Can anyone please suggest me a solution or help me find out a problem?
Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. However, this looks like a Kafka problem rather than a Node-RED one? Maybe there is a Kafka support forum?

Thank your for your response. I just solved the issue. I had to convert the message received from kafka consumer to "Buffer Binary" message format using a "function" node before passing the message to protobuf decode node.

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