Wordpress plugin - oneliner code style similar to NR discussion goup

Is there wordpress plugin to make long code "oneliner"? The same blockquote style as we can see here in NR discussion group with ( I mean when I put the triples in the text, when I am writing the post. ''' '''

Moved to #general as the #share-your-projects channel is about projects you have completed not for questions.

But isn't this a question for a wordpress group????

It woks great here, so I was thinking someone from the ND forum background can help :smiley:

We are just using the facilities that the Discourse forum software offers... please ask Wordpress to do something similar if that is your wish.


The wordpress formatting toolbar already lets you do 'preformatted' text blocks.

Or, if you have disabled the visual editor in your user profile, you can use the three backticks around your code blocks just as you can here.

I'm locking this thread as there's nothing more the node-red support forum can add to your wordpress question.