Workflow File in node RED


i m looking for a program to create workflow, what i need :

i need scan directory, if a files is putting on this directory, mail is send to user to get is validation of the files, when the user valide the files, the files is moving in other directory, and i he refused the files is move on failed directory,

do u think we can do that with node-red


the watch node

email node

How do you envision the the user validates or refuses the file?

you can use node-red-contrib-fs-ops

this is the question for me ?

a web interface ?

but maybe by email ?

can the mail is send with a link t the document, and a button valide or refused.
and we need to save this response to get the historique

Well I can't answer it. You stated 'mail is sent to user to get is validation' I'm just replying to what you defined as your workflow.

This is where you need to start trying somethings (and it is the best way to learn)

If you want an email to have a link to the file, you will need to think about security. Where will NR be running, If the user that needs to validate the file is traveling will you allow them to securily access your internal network (assuming that NR is running on a local lan) to look at the file and prevent 'bad guys' from accessing.

These are somethings youneed to decide on and investigate before you start coding.

p.s. if you search the forum for 'security' you will find this has come up a lot.

thanks for u response, node red is not what i search for.


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