Worldmap Great Circle Lines Issue

I'm having a small issue with great circle lines.

I don't think it's to look like that. :slight_smile:

Here is the payload.


can you paste that payload as a cut/paste rather than an image ? Thanks

  • but yes leaflet was never good at handling antimeridian artefacts.

{"name":"JR4OZR","lat":"35.064339","lon":"134.145351","ttl":"1200","op":"WV4P","band":"15M","mode":"RTTY","isrunqso":"0","exchange":"JR4 2","section":"","ID":"8b033664350247ad98bb8436755a188c","distance":6614,"iconColor":"#FFFF00","layer":"15M","label":"15M","ismultiplier":1,"greatcircle":[[37.95805,-91.22578],[35.064339,134.145351]]}

solution pushed as v2.27.2

Awesome! Thanks so much.

FYI..the great circle lines are working. A questions.

Before the change, the lines were smooth and less boxy. Is there a way to smooth the circle lines out?


Try adding to your msg.payload - `"options": {vertices: 25}

actually - I just updated the default to be smoother... v 2.27.3

Thank you. I'm not seeing the update yet in my pallet manager.

should be there now

I think the map is broken again for some reason. It was working great.

Some points seem to be fine, others are not.

Is there a way to not force it to go across the date line?

not sure - I think there must an issue with the underlying library...
looking at it it IS trying to do roughly the right thing given the amount of zoom you have - How does it look if you zoom in so you more or less fit the whole world across the screen ?
Sadly leaflet really doesn't handle anti-meridian crossing well (or at all) so whatever happens it will be a bit hacky.

Sorry for the late reply on this. Just a quick update.

It doesn't matter what zoom level I have. I think the issue is hit or miss. Seems to happen more when drawing great circle lines from the US to Australia.


Here's a link to a flow we discussed last January.

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