Worldmap Image Overlay from local File

I want to use an image overlay for Worldmap. Is it possible to use an local file in?

In the discription is only an url to an webadress:

var imageBounds = [[40.712216, -74.22655], [40.773941, -74.12544]];
msg.payload = { command : {lat:40.74, lon:-74.175, zoom:13 } }; = {
    overlay:"New York Historical",
    bounds: imageBounds,
    opt:{ opacity:1.0, attribution:"© University of Texas" }

How i have to set url? Or do i need to share this image file an an small webserver local on the machine where node red is runnig?

Have made an folder in node red directory with the image in ist, and tried url: '/Folder/image.jpg' but this seems not to work.

Any suggeestions?

Best regards

Putting the file into a static folder on your Node-RED installation and add the path of that static folder in your settings.js file should work.

See httpStatic

Then you should be able to load the file with https://yourmachine:yourport/newark_nj_1922.jpg

Maybe there is an easier way.

ah, thanks this works.

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