`write file` node - documentation question

NR 3.0.2

I was reading someone's question about file writing.

Opening the write file node, I'm confused.

Where is path explained in the documentation as input?

There is an open issue to update the help for the file node. Maybe you would be willing to fix it with a PR?

(Showing how dumb I am)

What is a PR?

A "Pull Request". Basically, you clone the GitHub repository, make a change and then submit a PR to ask the devs to review your changes and merge them back in if they approve.

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Thanks, but I don't see how me doing that would work.

I was looking at a node and saw a disparity between what the node offers as options and what is shown in the documents. There is nothing shown.

As I don't understand what the option is supposed to do, I can't see how I can add any useful information to it.

I am mentioning that I see this disparity and would like to confirm there actually is a problem with the documents as supplied.

What is the path option and how to use it.

That is not what you asked.

You asked...

To which I said...

Given the option is named "path" and we are discussing the "file" nodes, I think you can safely assume path means "the path to a file" (while msg. and flow. mean "variables that contain the path to a file`)

But yes, it should be clarified in the help.


I am sorry.

I misread that as NOT an open issue.

Dyslexia is getting worse.

However, I don't see how I can fix it if I don't know what it is supposed to mean/do.

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No bother, it will get sorted.
If you did know what path meant (as I assumed you might do from your first post) a PR would have been nice (community spirit 'n' all).

OH, I do agree.

I just got stuck with it - me asking the question - while helping someone else who was using the node, posted their code and I was looking at it.

Anyway, all good - kinda. :wink:

I do hope it gets resolved easily.

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