Yadomi/node-red-contrib-philipshue-events Version

Anybody knows why on NPM the release is 1.6.0
@yadomi/node-red-contrib-philipshue-events - npm (npmjs.com)

and on GitHub and nodered palette is "only" the version 1.5.2
GitHub - yadomi/node-red-contrib-philipshue-events: Implements the Philips Hue API v2 EventSource as a node-red node

I've some problems since a few days with my 1.5.2 and I firstly would like to upgrade to the new version which is not available in palette.

The author simply hasn't created a release on Github, but has done so on NPM - there is no requirement for them to match - Its the NPM releases that makes the difference with Node RED.

I have forced an update on the flows website (you need to login), so it should appear soon.
I would raise the question with the author about Github releases being behind - especially if you're going to raise PR's.

it's here... :ok_hand:

thanks a lot !

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