I have a z wave program with 189 remotecs zxt 600 the goal is to send shutdown commands to air conditioning units in the evening. I noticed that the program in auto mode does not work.
I don't know where the problem comes from.
In plus I have the impression that the aeotec gen 5 key does not see the 189 remotecs.
Thank you

I should agree that the issue is likely with your ZWave stick. You might want to try a network heal to see if it is able to reconnect to those nodes

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To echo @rgerrans

Devices being reported as dead, means they have not responded to any commands passed to them, possible causes:

  • Incorrect Encryption keys
  • USB stick being surrounded by metallic objects (put up high on a cord)
  • A bad network mesh (try a route rebuild (Heal))
    • If you a lot of battery devices, this can take a long time to complete
  • Devices in locations that suffer from interference.
  • Buggy device firmware

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