Zigbee data transmission through arduino

Hello everyone,
I need to transfer data from zigbee(router) to zigbee(coordinator) which is connected with arduino UNO, I need to work with this please help me out with this

and how is this related to Node-RED ?

I want to work this using node-red

Node-RED doesn't run on an arduino - so unless you want us to guess you need to tell us how you are really trying to make it work. What works so far ? what doesn't ? generally it is easiest to talk serial to an arduino so maybe use the serialport nodes.

yes we can take it through serial the arduino and we can upload the flow but my problem is my zigbee is connected to arduino and how can I configure this to send

you can send serial as well - your code on the Arduino will have to listen to the serial port and talk to the zigbee

okay, I will try with this

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