Zwave switches fail to toggle sometimes

using Node Red, I have a series of lights and smart plugs (that have lights plugged into them) that I toggle when it's dawn or dusk. Occasionally, a light will not toggle correctly. For example, 1 of my 3 devices will be in the "ON" state during the day when the flow should have turned them all off. All of these lights are zwave controlled through zwavejs2mqtt. I assume the light isn't toggled because of some intermittent zwave issue, but that's speculative. I don't know the real reason. Is there a way to build "retry" logic into my NR flow so that if a light fails to switch, I can keep trying it until it does?

If invoking the "turn_on" or "turn_off" service doesn't propagate zwave failures, I'm not sure how to address this.

I don't use zwave so I do not know how it works but with zigbee devices I can query their current state. If it is possible to do this in zwave this would be a way to determine whether or not a re-trigger is required.

I am assuming that your zwave system is not crashing

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