0.18.4 Projects need "git" and "ssh-keygen", OK. how?

I’m trying to use Projects.
“The feature relies on having the git and ssh-keygen command line tools available. Node-RED will check for them on start-up and let you know if they are missing.”

Started node-RED and [warn] “Projects disabled : git command not found”

Ok, I’m missing something… how do I … install them?


depends on your Operating system…

I have Windows 10… Sorry.

probably - https://gitforwindows.org/
(other opinions are available)

Thanks, I couldn’t find anything explaining what exactly it was looking for or any reference to installing it on Windows. I’m new to this and Linux. Thanks for your patience.

The windows client from github also works well

In docker we need nodered/node-red-docker:latest. nodered/node-red-docker:slim causes [warn] Projects disabled : git command not found