1GB Raspberry pi 4 axed

Good news!

The 1GB pi will not be on sale any more, the 2GB model will cost the same!


Great news, though I got a bit worried you meant the pi3 for a bit :joy:

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You should get a job as a clickbait writer :slight_smile:


The first thing I checked was if they had dropped the price of the 4GB model - NO!


I just checked here in the US at micro center and they dropped the price of the 1GB by $5

I assume they haven't fixed the power issue though?

Why do you assume that?

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Ah, good. Glad they've fixed it.

Not impacting me, I decided a while back that I wasn't going to buy any more Pi's since I have a bunch of recovered laptops lying around. I never use the GPIO on the Pi's anyway so really no point in me struggling with them when an i5, 4GB RAM, 256GB+ drive laptop running in low-power mode is more than sufficient.

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There's an official statement regarding the price drop now.

So, Happy Birthday Pi! Here's your birthday Pi(e). :birthday: :joy:

Good thing they have fixed the power cable issue, read that too.
Unfortunately you can't determine the hardware revision until you bought it. :see_no_evil:

If you use the recommended power supply then there is no problem.

It's not about the power supply, but the USB-C cable. "Smart" cables for quick charge won't work with the Pi4 because they didn't honor the specification.

Well, it is, if you use the recommended power supply, as it comes with cable incorporated.

The point being that many of us have loads of cables and we have a multitude of power supplies. We don't necessarily want to buy another one when the whole point of buying a Pi is that it is low-cost.

Agreed, but all I said was if you use the official PSU you won't have a problem, which is true. Just because you have loads of stuff lying around doesn't make that statement invalid.

Besides, most older usb supplies would probably be struggling to deliver peak power to the Pi4 now anyway, regardless of what cable you use.


I never said you were wrong. The power supply "issue" was seen as an issue for some people including myself and others.

I think many of us have supplies capable of delivering a lot of power, especially USB-C supplies. I have at least 1/2 dozen lying around from various devices I inherited via work that are now defunct but the power supplies are fine.

I'm not going any further with this as we seem to be devolving unnecessarily into an argument.

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I was thinking the same. :sweat_smile:

The point was simply that they made a mistake with the specs, which has been corrected now in revision 1.2.

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BTW: I haven't even bought one of those RPi 4 yet. Maybe now is a good time.

My touchscreen with an RPi 3 attached to the back seems to be quite happy running the Node-RED Dashboard up to now. :joy:

You say potato, I say ...

It's difficult to argue effectively online without coming across as a little bit arrogant isn't it? I just don't want to see the Pi4 get slammed for (what I would deem) as a fairly insignificant issue.

Could we please just settle this and enjoy the fact that we can all save a little money buying the 2GB model? :grinning:

The Pi4 is definitely a great piece of hardware for its size and prize. I was just pointing out that minor issue, which is now fixed. It wasn't my intention to start a flame war over this. :see_no_evil:

I think we are all agreed with that.
Thanks for posting @ghayne

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