2 different network cause node red does't response

A single pc on Window 10 (64 bits) is installed with node-red locally and connected with router via wifi dongle. The function of Node-Red is to communicate via MQTT protocol with many raspberry pi's and collects data. The pc ip is It's running locally without an internet connection.

Today, this pc is connected to the server via LAN connection, on IP address for monitoring purpose. The system is able to response on this IP address.

This cause the node-red hang as shown in below picture

After I unplug the LAN cable and restart the pc the node-red works

How I can fix to localhost to run the node-red.

Are you behind a proxy?

Try this...

  1. open cmd
  2. enter set NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER=1
  3. run node red (node-red)

See if the 3 minute startup delay goes away

read it again :slight_smile:


Sorry, for miss that. will update you once done

Perfect, it working accordingly