IP address change

Good evening to everyone!

I am using my raspberry Pi as a portable device with node-red. Networks that I am trying to connect to have different addresses, and by the experience I can tell that I am able to reach my device through SSH on every network, but node-red is working only there where it has been created. On every other network I am getting this respond on "sudo systemctl status nodered.service" : code - exited, status=1 /failure.

When I get back to my home network, all of the sudden it start working properly. IP addresses collision is not an issue, I have checked it already.

May I ask, if anyone has some ideas where could be a problem and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I presume you mean that you are connecting to the pi using ssh.

What does

Thank you for your quick reaction :slight_smile:

After run of those commands I have received more detailed information, and it turned out that the flow itself was buggy. I have been using some modules to create TCP communication, and in the server settings I had defined localhost not by phrase, but by the address of the raspberry. So after connecting to a different network it caused an error on startup.

In my case, in order to at least run the node-red was to move buggy flow to a backup folder and after reconnection to the original network I have moved it back and changed that fixed IP address to a phrase for localhost.

Thank you so much for a clue :slight_smile: it helped me to crack it. Have a nice day!

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