Abandoned Module - Can I Take It Over?

I forked and updated an older module that interacts with Oracle DB:

I submitted a PR:

But it looks as if the original creator/maintainer is no longer active on GitHub (no activity within the last 2+ years). Can I be made the owner of this module so that I can get the latest version published, or is there another process for handling these situations? Should I submit the module as a separate project?

First check on npm that there is not already a similar module which is maintained, then check the existing forks to see if any of those is active. If you don't find anything then you can release it as a new module with a different name, assuming the license with the existing module allows that.

Try raising an issue first just in case the author responds.

If you've checked as Colin suggests and there is nothing else, best to give your new version a slightly different name for the package so that it is more easily picked up by people and they can see that it is active.

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Turns out someone has already forked it and re-submitted it. I'll work with that person to see if they'll merge my PR. Thanks.


Brings up another point though - the original (abandoned) module should probably be pulled so that people don't try to use a seriously outdated (and non-working) module and get frustrated that it doesn't work. Is there a process for this?

we can ask @knolleary to blacklist it

The original author's email address is abreits@gmail.com if that helps.

It would be great to have your update Todd, as you are Mr Oracle - https://recursive.codes/

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I tend to go and mark the entry on the flows site as a 1-star for things like that so that at least people can see that they might want to avoid it.

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Now merged into node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod - Merge pull request #2 from recursivecodes/master Ā· vtulluru/node-red-contrib-oracledb-mod@dca4baf Ā· GitHub

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