Ability to pause the debug window

Is there any way to make the debug window stop scrolling?

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to inspect a message as is right now, because it just scrolls out of the view. When I clear the debug window and scroll up a bit it stops scrolling for a few seconds until the scrollbar hits the top of the window, then it starts scrolling again without any way to stop it from doing so.

This is really frustrating because there's seemingly no way to inspect any messages which makes development quite a pain.

I can use the system console to view messages, but this kind of defeats the purpose of having the debug window at all.

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I think you may have too many debug tabs showing you their results, or you are getting too many messages to that node at a given time.

You may need to use the delay node and set it to rate limit.

Or you can use this node (you will need to import some code):
A handy node to use.

Hi @C5H8NNaO4

if you scroll the debug sidebar up a bit, it should stop the scrolling. Although that doesn't always work reliably - particularly once it gets beyond the 100 message limit and starts removing messages.

So yes, having better controls around the Debug sidebar is on the backlog.

The debug window is great for normal message debugging but not for lots of fast arriving ones - but its not its fault that we overload it :slight_smile:

You could also use something like https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-flogger
It is designed to help solve this issue.

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