Feature Request: Pause debug panel


I searched around a bit and found a couple similar posts, but they either got sidetracked or ended with "just use/do X instead" as ways around the problem instead of solving it.

We have a lot of noise coming from debug nodes in the same flow, so the only option left is to filter by "Selected Nodes". That works, but it's not very fun scrolling through a huge list to find the one or two debug nodes you want to be enabled. It would be a bit less annoying if there was a way to select a node in the UI instead of having to scroll through the list of node names (maybe that already exists?). On some flows the debug panel rolls over every 5-10 seconds, so even if we scroll up to temporarily "pause" the scrolling, there's not much time before the log disappears.

I feel like a pause/play button would be a worthwhile addition to the debug panel, and it has been mentioned before by others but never actually implemented. A year and a half ago knolleary responded that "having better controls around the Debug sidebar is on the backlog", but still no pause button.

Maybe it's not a very common issue though since I don't see a whole lot of posts mentioning this issue. Either way, I figured I'd at least bring it up again to see how much demand there is for something like this.

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I have added this to the backlog for 3.0. That doesn't guarantee it'll get done, but at least it won't get forgotten about when prioritising the work.

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